Family tree

And the tears will flow
May it always comfort us to know
The family tree will always grow
Father down to son, mother to daughter
Thicker than water, we are made of this
From the Earth we rise


31.5in x 31.5in (80cmx80cm)


Song:The Family Tree

Artist: Venice

In your Light

In your light

there’s no shadow there’s no darkness

When the sun is gone away

in the darkness of the night

I don’t have tot look too hard to see

that i’m living in your light



Song: In Your Light

Artist: Jon Allen

Sea Side



Song: To be lost

Artist: Michael Prins

To be lost
And to be found
Found by you
Down by the sea side

Like a summer sun
Through a thunderstorm
You came in
And I began
To live again
To breathe again
And I feel again
And I’m home for the first time in my life…