Roosmarijn Haring

First, let’s connect by telling you my authentic story. I was born and raised in Bergen, North Holland, the cradle of the painting direction ‘Bergense School’. From the beginning of the twentieth century onwards, many well-known painters settled there who brought “luminism”, the use of light, to a high level in painting. Thijs Sterk, my grandfather, also joined the group of artists just after this School.


After studying physical geography, in which I learned about the creation and conservation of the landscape and nature, I created training programs for personal development. As a color therapist I know the positive effects of color on people. I know what color does to people in homes and office buildings. Color is light of different wavelengths. Each color has its own specific frequency and energy.

How I got here

I was born in between colors. I grew up surrounded by colors in my parents’ shop: there are ten thousand balls and strands of weaving and knitting threads in countless colors. I work with different layers of colors that together form the soul of the painting. Landscape is always the source of inspiration for my contemporary art; let’s just call it “landscape abstract”. I started painting in 2012 and opened my Etsy store in August 2020.

What I do

I start with colors and let them take me from layer to layer to what becomes a finished painting when it feels right. I use several layers of texture and colors to give depth and a unique result. Not one painting will ever be the same. Sometimes a landscape comes to mind which I translate into a contemporary work of art. With custom art I also incorporate the energy of the buyer or the recipient into the painting.

Affordable art

In my opinion art should be available for everyone so I try to create a wide variety of styles and works to fit your taste and different sizes to fit your budget. In this way you can order something for your house, home office or office building. I prefer to use stretched gallery canvas and professional acryl paint in creating my pieces. To make my art even more affordable and with you quicker I from now on also have unframed/not stretched paintings available that are shipped in quality cardboard tubes to be framed by yourself or can be stretched in your local framing shop.

Custom painting

I love making a custom artwork for you. If you for example love a painting in my shop but would like to have this in a different size, form or color, contact me and let’s chat together to see if I can make something of your preference.


Never hesitate to contact me. Weird questions don’t exist. Only missed opportunities. I will always try to answer within 24 hours.