Roosmarijn Haring

I started painting as an autodidact in 2012 simply because I had to. In 2013 I started heARTsongpaintings. Only recently I washed away the heavy burden of having a professional artist for a grandfather by making a painting entitled ‘De Zee’ (Dutch for ‘The Ocean’). I don’t regret the years of not painting. I embrace the years of painting to come.



As a (non-practising) colour therapist I know the positive effects of colour on individuals. And I know the effect colour has on groups in, for instance, offices and governmental buildings. Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths. Each colour has its own particular frequency and energy.


For me, painting is an outlet that enables me to liberate my emotions. However, what I enjoy the most is making artworks for other people. It allows me to step into their energy and connect with them through a particular song. The more I learn about a person, the more I can incorporate into the artwork. The result: a personal, custom-made and unique piece of art that reflects the person’s personality and energy. A strange consequence is that I occasionally do not like a particular artwork myself, while the new owner loves it. My experience as a trainer & coach help me to extract the information required for these tailor-made artworks.

No two of my paintings will ever be the same. All my work is signed and numbered.  I invite you to come back and visit my site again in the future. Do not hesitate to contact me with your personal requests. If you would like to follow the journey of my art, please ‘like’ heARTsongpaintings on Facebook or follow HeARTsongpaintings on Instagram. Thanks for your interest!


Obviously, my work is constantly changing and developing. Songs play a crucial role in my work from 2013-2019. Logical, as music is like oxygen to me. After all, music is emotion and each emotion is associated with a particular colour.

At the moment it’s mostly nature that plays a crucial work in my abstract paintings.


In my opinion everybody should be able to enjoy art. Therefore I try to keep my paintings affordable.