Catching music in paintings by using a combination of poem-shaped words & colours.

Music moves us. Music is emotion. I incorporate these emotions in paintings.

Colours match these emotions. Emotions have colour.

Which song makes your heart sing? Share it with heARTsongpaintings.
Let me step into your energy and capture them on canvas for you.

Contacting me is now easier than ever! You can now send me your personal video or voice message regarding your wishes for your customised painting by using Messenger on the right bottom side of this page. Or if you prefer, you can also contact me by email or the contactform.

Would you like to have a painting from a song? Send me the title of the song you prefer and share your story. Why did you choose this song? Tell me the WHY behind the song! Is it a present for yourself or somebody else?  The more I learn about the receiver, the more I can incorporate into the artwork. The result: a personal, custom-made and unique piece of art that reflects the person’s personality and emotions.

If you have any do’s or don’ts regarding colours or if you have other wishes (abstract or figurative piece), please let me know.

Every song has its story….

heARTsongpaintings. Paintings from the heart.

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