HeARTsongpaintings will show work in the following expositions in 2021


Studio Route heARTsongpaintings

Online Exposition


VSLO Photography launches Studio Route from 24 April 2021 where HeARTsongpaintings will participate in 3 virtual rooms.

Studio Route is a monthly online event where you can see artworks of artists from all over the world. This time the work of four artists will be displayed.

Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of Studio Route will be on the 24th of April. After the grand opening the expo will still be accessible for 1 week. For all those of you with really busy schedules.

Virtual Contact

During the opening all the artists are there to present their work, to answer your questions and simply enjoy the visitor’s presence.

Who are presenting?

The works of 4 artists in will be presented in different ‘rooms’:

  • Maria Arians, powered by artwork, realistic animals paintings
  • Roosmarijn Haring heARTsongpaintings
  • vslo project 12, concept photography
  • vslo begin anew, abstract paintings
  • vslo abstractions, experimental abstract photography
  • Sylvia Schongart, Glasatelier Zylwa Art, in a different direction

How does it work?

Via de button that will be shown in due time below you will enter a virtual world.

  1. Enter your name, it will be visible to others in the world.
  2. Start by clicking CTRL – (to zoom out) or CTRL + (to zoom in).
  3. Point and click where you would like to go.
  4. You can talk with the people near you, if you like (just like in real life).
  5. Every work is clickable. Just click on it and you will be able to see work in more detail and some other information the artist provided.


Offline Exposition

As soon as the lockdown in the Netherlands will be over 22 works of HeARTsongpaintings will be displayed at Grand Café Z in Leeuwarden (Fryslân).