Paintings: Love

The shape of my heart

  If I told her that I loved you You'd maybe think there's something wrong I'm not a man of too many faces The mask I wear is one       Details: 27.6in x 27.6in (70cm x 70cm) Video: Song: Shape of My heart...

True colours

  In a world full of people You can lose sight of it all I see your true colours Shining through And that's why I love you       Details: 27.6in x 27.6in (70cm x 70cm) Video: Song: True colours Artist: Tom...

Never walk alone

  When you walk through a storm, Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of the storm, there's a golden sky Walk on With hope in your hearts And you'll never walk alone       Details: width 15,8in x height 31.5in (40cm x...


Details: Video: Song: Imagine Artist: John Lennon Imagine there’s no heavenIt’s easy if you tryNo hell below usAbove us only skyImagine all the peopleLiving for today You may say I’m a dreamerBut I’m not the only oneI hope some day you’ll join usAnd the world will be...

De Liefde

Details:2D 23.6″x31.5″ (60x80cm) Video: Song: Als de liefde niet bestond Artist: Wende Snijders


Details: Video: Song: The Promise Artist: Tracy Chapman Where all my journeys end If you can make a promise If it’s one that you can keep, I vow to come for you If you wait for me and say you’ll hold A place for me in your heart.


November 13, 2015. Paris Attacks. [Charlie Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator]“To those who can hear me, I say – do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed – the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of...


What to do when you learn about all the refugees in Europe. I paint. Red blood, tears and fencing versus the pink that stands for the love they seek to find. Details: Video: Song: The Partisan Artist: Leonard Cohen


Details: 2D 23.6″x31.5″ (60x80cm) Video: Song: Butterfly Kisses Artist: Bob Carlisle