Layer Landscape

Layer Landscape in interior 4 heARTsongpaintings

very far away, hidden somewhere deep 
undisguised at the bottom of the painting 
there are three big castles and some 
small turquoise houses 
next to it three beautiful paths, lined 
by chilly tough willows or 
by flashy silver birch or 
very old branches branched out 
oaks, lead to castles: 
red, golden and white, 
colossal castles. 
that’s where they live 

*Based on a poem by Hans Haring

Layer Landscape heARTsongpaintings kl
Layer Landscape 1 heARTsongpaintings
Layer Landscape 2 heARTsongpaintings
Layer Landscape 4 heARTsongpaintings


70.9×55.1 in (180X140 cm) in 3D

Winter City

Winter City in museum

It’s cold outside. The air smells frosty. The city changes. And while the colours of the trees disappear, … new colours arise. The pink of frozen particles in the air and the ice that reflects the sky. 

Winter City
Winter City 2
Winter City 3
Winter City 4
Winter City 5
Winter City 7


78.7×78.7in 200x200cm 3D

Summer City

Summer City in museum

Went out early in the morning. The low-hanging fog dissolves. The sound of meadow birds fills the air. A long-legged godwit walks slowly and looks up – disturbed. Summer is coming.

Summer City 2
Summer City 3
Summer City 4
Summer City 5
Summer City 7


39.4×78.7in 100x200cm 3D

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana in interior

A peculiar mirage. Almost there. A drop of sweat creeps into your mouth. Mountain boots pinch. Turquoise makes ancient wisdom available and awakens your empathy.

Fata Morgana heARTsongpainting
Fata Morgana 2
Fata Morgana 3
Fata Morgana 4
Fata Morgana 5
Fata Morgana 6


23.6×59.1in 60x150cm 3D

Fjord Focus

Fjord Focus in museum

Wide views of blue and green, endlessly musing, no rush, no time to keep an eye on. Breathe the oxygen and feel pure freedom. Stare. Keep staring. What do you see? Look again. It’s alive.

Fjord Focus 1
Fjord Focus
Fjord Focus 3
Fjord Focus 4
Fjord Focus 5


27.5×55.1in 70x140cm 3D

Potato Fields

Potato Fields in living

The freshly plowed potato field represents your ambitions being within reach. You have worked hard for it, be patient. Eventually you will harvest. Lilac will strengthen your confidence.

Potato Fields A 1
Potato Fields A 2
Potato Fields A 4
Potato Fields B 1
Potato Fields B 4
Potato Fields B 6


27.5×27.5in 70x70cm 3D

Potato Fields is an abstract two-piece. The paintings are sold individually, but you could also combine them for a striking effect.