My Embryo

This painting is made for all the embryos who did not make it into this world, and for all the women who carried them in love for a short or a long period of time. Because I only wanna hold you in my arms. I do.


31.5in x 31.5in (80cm x 80cm) 2D



Song: I do

Artist: Douwe Bob

Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon someone shows up that you are familiar with. A mirror of your soul. Lighting you up, taking you away to past memories – pre-birth. Hello soulmate. Wade with me.


35.4×35.4in 90x90cm 2D

Scotch Heather

Scotch Heather heARTsongpaintings

Rolling valleys how lovely her blooming. Thick and humid, while drops sparkle in the watery sunlight. As the passion flares up the inflammation disappears. Lust for life returns.


40x80cm 15.7x31.5in 3D