Layer Landscape

Layer Landscape in interior 4 heARTsongpaintings

very far away, hidden somewhere deep 
undisguised at the bottom of the painting 
there are three big castles and some 
small turquoise houses 
next to it three beautiful paths, lined 
by chilly tough willows or 
by flashy silver birch or 
very old branches branched out 
oaks, lead to castles: 
red, golden and white, 
colossal castles. 
that’s where they live 

*Based on a poem by Hans Haring

Layer Landscape heARTsongpaintings kl
Layer Landscape 1 heARTsongpaintings
Layer Landscape 2 heARTsongpaintings
Layer Landscape 4 heARTsongpaintings


70.9×55.1 in (180X140 cm) in 3D