Scotch Heather

Scotch Heather heARTsongpaintings

Rolling valleys how lovely her blooming. Thick and humid, while drops sparkle in the watery sunlight. While the passion flares up the inflammation disappears. Lust for live returns.


40x80cm 15.7x31.5in 3D

Cuba Beach

Enjoying the tranquility. Feet in the white sand, in front the flawless turquoise coastline. Eyes on the catamaran that lifts its orange sails to catch a bit of wind. Wish I you could package this in a barcode to bring home.


31.5in x 11.8in (80cm x 30cm)​ 2D

West Coast

Unexplored and a hidden gem between pine trees. Widely rugged and stunning like a virgin. Hidden far away from the beaten track. A quietness of no silence. Three abandoned beach houses adding color.


31.5in x 31.5in (80cm x 80cm) 3D

Imagine Poppies

Imagine in house heARTsongpainting

Endless fields of poppies. Fleeting, yet so powerful. The front line is gone, while the red poppies silently mark the fighting. Every year. Nothing to kill or die for. Imagine. 


Imagine 1
Imagine 2
Imagine 3


31.5×31.5in 80x80cm 3D