Blue Seabed

Diving in purple to return the sense of smell. Salt. Sea ​​green creates an atmosphere of serenity, tranquility and peace. Seeking the warmth of the womb. Still, the seabed wouldn’t take me back.


39.4in x 39.4 in (100cmx100cm)

Rustle Ocean

I hear a slight rustle behind me. Where the white top of the dune shines. While wind waves appear on shore. The sea pleasantly sparks the narrow shore greets me. A seagull squels its song. Hello you ocean blue.


19.7in x 39.4in (50cm x 100cm) 3D

Beach Boat

With every step I take I bury my feet a little deeper in the sand. After the heat, I welcome the coolness of the wet sand. My neck relaxes and I speed up my rhythm. A wrecked boat appears. A beach boat. There it all comes together.


27.5×55.1in 70x140cm 3D

Spring Promise

Spring Promise in home

Yellow brings the promise of self-esteem and the ability of getting things done. Lilac is spring and has important healing power. It strengthens the immune system. Orange is the rejuvenator.

Spring Promise
Spring Promise 2
Spring Promise 4
Spring Promise 7


31.5×31.5in 80x80cm 3D