Waterfall Wall

waterfall wall in home 1080

Road narrow, curves frequent and sharp – and there you are, face-to-face with the mirrors of your imagination. Glimpsing the doing of another parallel world. Mist creates variety and transformation.

Waterfall Wall
Waterfall wall in frame in home
Waterfall Wall 4
Waterfall Wall 5
Waterfall Wall 7


27.5×27.5in 70x70cm 3D

Starry night

Right on time. This balmy summer evening the sky is full of stars and the waves respond by a magical blue glow. The bluish light is caused by sea sparkle that emits light by a chemical reaction when moved by the waves.


27.6in x 47.2in (70 cmx 120cm) 2D

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana in interior

A peculiar mirage. Almost there. A drop of sweat creeps into your mouth. Mountain boots pinch. Turquoise makes ancient wisdom available and awakens your empathy.

Fata Morgana heARTsongpainting
Fata Morgana 2
Fata Morgana 3
Fata Morgana 4
Fata Morgana 5
Fata Morgana 6


23.6×59.1in 60x150cm 3D