Waterfall Wall

waterfall wall in home 1080

Road narrow, curves frequent and sharp – and there you are, face-to-face with the mirrors of your imagination. Glimpsing the doing of another parallel world. Mist creates variety and transformation.

Waterfall Wall
Waterfall wall in frame in home
Waterfall Wall 4
Waterfall Wall 5
Waterfall Wall 7


27.5×27.5in 70x70cm 3D

Wadden Mudflats

Twice a day the water retreats, leaving mudflats and sandbars, places where it is possible to pass on foot from the mainland to the islands. The largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mudflats in the world.


47.2in x 27.6in (120cm x 70cm) 2D

Ocean Eyes

Ocean Eyes in work interior

I see you. Come to me – blue, calm, endless. As sapphire I can help you heal, purify and re-energise your body. I cherish you and dissolve the blockages with ice. I embrace you. For ever.

Ocean Eyes
Ocean Eyes 2
Ocean Eyes 3
Ocean Eyes 4
Ocean Eyes 5
Ocean Eyes 6


31.5×47.2in 80x120cm 3D

Classic Blue

Classic Blue in house

Know your blues: navy, midnight blue, peacock and teal. Combine with blush and copper. Choose new colours for your interior based on Pantone 2020. Dust off your record player, sit down imagine yourself in the Deep South of the US.

Classic Blue
Classic Blue 2
Classic Blue 3
Classic Blue 4
Classic Blue 5


27.5×55.1in 70x140cm 3D

Spring Promise

Spring Promise in home

Yellow brings the promise of self-esteem and the ability of getting things done. Lilac is spring and has important healing power. It strengthens the immune system. Orange is the rejuvenator.

Spring Promise
Spring Promise 2
Spring Promise 4
Spring Promise 7


31.5×31.5in 80x80cm 3D

Lake Life

Lake Life Wall Decor Heartsongpaintings 4kl

through dark and through light, 
crackle frozen, on the windows, 
there are ice flowers, sometimes white and sometimes blue, 
drawings from outside, the fierce cold; 
but inside the stove binds us together again 

*Based on a poem by Hans Haring

Lake Life heARTsongpaintings
Lake Life 2 heARTsongpaintings
Lake Life 4 heARTsongpaintings
Lake Life 5 heARTsongpaintings


35.4×35.4 in (90 x 90 cm) in 3D